Weekly Update

I can't believe another week has gone by since I last updated the blog. At least for us that means the days are going by quickly.

The biggest change we have seen in the last week is that we have been moved to the stepdown NICU. This means the only things we are working on are feeding and growing. This is our last stop before we get to go home. There are still no estimates on when they might get to go home yet though.

Joleigh Faith now weighs in at 4 pounds. She has been weaned from oxygen and has moved to a crib. She still tends to breathe fast so she hasn't really got to try a bottle yet. They tried once and she did pretty well but haven't tried again.

Jeremiah Wayne is gaining weight like a champ. He is now up to 4 pounds, 12 ounces. He is quickly closing in on the 5 pound mark! He has been taking 4 out of 8 feedings by bottle and does pretty well. They don't push him too far because they don't want to tire him out and have him go backwards. However, if he continues to do well he will move to 6 of 8 and then all feedings by bottle.

We are patiently waiting for them to get to go home! We are hoping it is soon but don't want them to come home until they are 100% ready. Thanks for the continued support.



  1. Thanks for all the updates, I am following their progress daily. Your children will someday realize what precious parents God has given them while they're on loan. I pray that through your witnessing, other parents will realize the full value of their parenting. God's light is shining through you!

  2. I've been following your updates regarding the twins. It's great news, and I know they will get to go home with you guys soon. Just continue to hang on and pray. Will wait for more updates.:-)