Family Visit

Had a great visit from my mom and pop today. Besides gracing us with their presence they brought food from the "outside" which was a nice change for Jen. Baked potato soup and a half a club sammy from Cheddars really brightened her day. The visited all day and it was great.

As for the medical side of things today, again, absolutely nothing changed...which is great news once again! Weird how no changes are what we are rooting for. Still no roids for the babies yet but we think those meds start tomorrow. The bigger they can get now the better of they will be later.

A funny sidenote on that. My mom helped me come to the realization that a career in major league sports will be spoiled on our children. Because they are going to be steriod users they will face bans in all major league sports. Well I guess they could be pro wrestlers but thats about it.

Another funny story from this week - the case of the missing cell-phone. Jen had been texting on her phone all day. Later in the evening she was needing to place a call. We couldnt find her cell phone. Looked in her bed, around her bed, her table. We looked on the shelf, on the floor, in the bathroom. Couldn't find it. Decided to call it with my cell phone. Nothing. Couldn't here it ring, couldn't feel or here it vibrate. Poof it was just gone. Gone until Jen got completely up from the bed. Apparently our daughter had taken the phone to begin her phone talking career a bit early. (lets face it we all know its coming some day). So Jens belly had been hiding her phone the whole time muffling the sound and deadining the vibration. Just a little laughter to get us through a rather boring day.

Thanks again for all the encouragement, gifts, and well wishes. Its been 5 days and so far so good.


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  1. Jace - didn't get to talk to you this morning but saw you were at church. Glad you were able to worship with us this morning before heading back to work and the world. Glad that you've had a good -uneventful- weekend. Praying that Jen continues to "coast" and that you don't get too stressed as you feel pulled many directions at once. God bless. Theresa