Progress Without Moving

Jen is doing great! It's a hard situation to understand fully but like the title says, she is making progress without moving. The bed rest is doing exactly what it was designed to do - slow everything down.

The good news started yesterday when she was removed from 24 hr monitoring to 6 hr monitoring which meant less interuptions during the night and better sleep for everyone. Today the blessings kept flowing as Jen was told they would stop ckecking her blood suger after every meal because she had been keeping it right on track each week. Last but not least she can now order off the cafeteria menu instead of choosing from the same menu options. All blessings!

God is already starting to remind us just how much He loves us by blessing us with family and friends tending to our needs. Yesterday we enjoyed the company of Donna and Jerry Woods and Brand and Linda Mulvey. Sitting around with dear friends always makes for a better day. Jens cousin Heather and Aunt Patti, both live in the area, have been very helpful and see that many needs are met. We are really looking forward to this weekends visitors, our parents as they, like always, have been great and are our number one encouragers.

As for daily life, we have been blessed with a great team of doctors, nurses, food deliverers, and house cleaners. Carle is a wonderful place and the entire staff is wonderful. Today they had a childrens costume parade and it was a good distraction from the normal...but these days what is normal anyway.

Plan going forward - The baby roids start this weekend. They will grow the babies at a quicker rate. Other than that its just more of the same sitting and waiting, praying and thanking. God is good and has a plan. We are just happy to be part of it. Thank you everyone who is and has and will be praying for us. We are truly blessed to have you all as friends.

- Jace

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