Just Another Day

Another day at the Car Le Hotel is nearly in the books. As far as health goes, another boring, no change day, which is exactly what we want. The day nurse even commented during bed-side report that "nothing changed...and that's how we like it" when telling the night nurse an update.

As far as the overall day goes, it was a great day. We hosted several family members and other speical guests to our "apartment" today. Aunt Patti and cousin Alicia graced us this morning. Auntie M and cousin Heather this afternoon. Jen's Mimi and Poppa came as well (Larry and Lora Short). Mixed in there Martha Allison visited and after dinner Ricky Jo Champ popped in. All our visitors today made it a great day. It's good to see familiar faces. We appreciate your conversation, your genuine concern, and your gracious gifts (especially the blizzards Auntie M, pretzels Aunt P, and Jelly Beans Martha).

Since all is good on the health front, I can fill everyone in on the great food of the day. Two blocks down I consumed giant breaded shrimp and fried okra for lunch from Windy City (a chicago eatery). Ok, I will admit the name probably has a different meaning after you eat there (Isn't everyone glad they visited today and not tomorrow?). Get that previous joke yet? Don't worry, you will. For supper I treated Jen to Old Chicago Pizza....mmm.....good.

In summary, another great day filled with no progression, great family and friend visitors, and rest and relaxation. Tomorrow more visitors for Jen and I will be traveling south to Newton for church, photography, and laundry. Thanks again for all who continue to pray for me and my growing family.

- Jace

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  1. Sounds like visitors are definitely allowed again! So glad things are going as needed. I'll say extra prayers for you today Jen!