Overdue Update

So this post might be a little long and involved buts it’s been a while since the whole happy happenings have been reported. Try to stay with me here. No doubt side tracks will occur because days and nights are running into each other. Where to start?

How about with yesterday as it marked week 27. WEEK 27…can you guys believe it? One week away from 28, the original milestone. 4 weeks ago we didn’t think we’d still be a family of 2 but rather a full fledge family of 4. Which brings me to another point, you might have noticed I said “original milestone” above. Why? Well Doc advised that he sees no reason why Jen cannot stay stable and unchanged through week 32. Contractions are rare these days, dilation is stalled, and babies are growing so week 32 here we come.

Along with that new 32 week goal Jens other Doc mentioned the possibility of being able to be released after that goal is met if no changes happen between now and then. The limiting factor is the 2 hr drive between home and Carle. We will cross that bridge when the times come as for now we just take it day by day.

Let’s see, what else. Well, we got another sonogram done yesterday. Turns out the babies are already acting like me, active, shy, and stubborn. 30 minute monitoring at 2pm has been turning into marathon struggles lasting upwards of 3 hours to get 5-10 good minutes of heart beats. Since they are having trouble monitoring them they did another sono yesterday just to verify all is ok. Don’t worry, all is ok. In fact I am pretty sure I saw Girl J smile on camera like they are in cahoots and playing jokes on us. We even got to see them practice breathing on the sonogram. Pretty cool stuff.

We had fewer visitors over the weekend which lent itself nicely to a lazy Saturday full on napping and movie marathon watching. Norm and Cinda came Sunday and brought yummy pumpkin bars and Hickory River BBQ.

That’s about all for the update portion of this post. Now for the PSA:
Thanks to all who have offered to bring us Thanksgiving dinner. We are continued to be overwhelmed by everyone’s gracious and giving hearts. We got it taken care of. Jen and I will be spending Thanksgiving together with wonderful takeout from Cracker Barrel and enjoying each others company, being thankful for everyone and everything that has happened in the past year. People continue to ask what they can do to make our holiday better. Here is what you can do…enjoy your family. Sit around the table, the tv, the church, and the backyard and just be together. Through complications our life has simplified and let us focus on what’s really important. Enjoy what’s really important this holiday season. OK, I will step off my box now.

Oh, and if you are wondering why no “View from the 11th Floor” pics lately? It’s dark when I rise and dark when I return back so it would just be a black square so I will spare you. Have a great Tuesday…which reminds me it’s been 1 month here at Carle. Time flies when you’re having fun.


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  1. Glad to hear things are going so well. Does Jen need more books? I have a stack I was going to donate somewhere- lots of Jodi Picoult, along with a few other authors. Let me know! That or DVDs to watch or anything- I'm sure sitting in bed in the hospital is no fun! Let me know, seriously!