Update: Prayers Needed

Just wanted to let everyone know that Jen had an ultrasound at about 1pm today (Monday Nov 1) and the results showed little to no cervix and dilation around 2 - 3 cm. This was not the news we were hoping to hear.

She is once again a resident of floor # 10 and now is on 100% bed rest complete with an IV and catheter. She is on stronger meds to stop progression and is back on 24 hr monitoring. Health wise she is fine and babies are still fine. Problem is labor symptoms started back up and we are trying to stunt them yet again.

With a return to the 10th floor there is also a no visitor policy. I will let everyone know when they are able to visit again. For now all we can do is pray. God is good and this again is part of His plan.



  1. Praying for you all everyday!! Praying for peace, strength, health, and Gods will!

  2. The Blair family is praying for you!

  3. You both have a wonderful outlook and I thank God for your spirit. Nothing like having impatient babies wanting to make their appearance into the world a bit early! Babies may be helpless creatures, but they sure do call the shots, don't they! All four of you are in our thoughts and prayers on a daily (and sometimes nighttime) basis. Love you guys!

  4. you don't know me, but 9 years ago, I started in preterm labor twins who also had with Twin to Twin Transfusion. I was able miraculously to carry them to 34 weeks. My daughters are now 9 and healthy and strong. Long before blogs and such people, our friends asked their friends we didn't know to pray for us, and I wanted to return the blessing of praying for you. That God would surround you with HIS peace and that He'd make a miracle out of your babies, so that HIS name can be glorified in this. I will continue to check back and pray for each of you. This journey of not knowing is a battle you don't understand unless you've been there. May God grant you a miracle even tonight

  5. Jen,

    My name is Devin, and I am a friend of Theresa Curtis'. She asked for prayer for you on FB--and I will surely do that!

    I know many a prayer warrior around the blog world and in my own community as well, so I will share your story and ask others to pray. If there is anything else specific that you would like to share and have prayer about, let me know!

    I will be adding you and your blog to my sidebar secion of "praying for"--if that is okay with you. Just email me back or drop by my blog and leave a comment to let me know.