No real time to write a whole update so here are my facebook postes for the last few hours:

9 Hrs Ago: We could really use some prayer right now. Jen has started contracting again. They are doing monitoring as we speak and just gave her a shot of medicine to stop the progression. I will update when I know more. For now, keep the prayers coming.

8 Hrs Ago: Update: Monitoring is over. Contractions are fewer and farer between. They are also not as painful. Keep praying but know they are working.

Now: Update: Contractions back again this morning and a little worse pain than last night. Back at 6 min intervals. Jen was given a dose of meds to stop them, same as last night. They will monitor over the next 15 minutes and then if not better give another dose of meds. Will update as I know. Please continue prayers.

Please be Praying!


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  1. My girlies and I are praying for all 4 of you!