Week 26 Mark

I realize these updates are coming few and far between but that is because everything is steady. Nothing has happened in the last two weeks. When the doc does rounds the conversation turns towards changing leaves, cinema, and cafeteria rather that contractions, complications, and cause for concern.

Since I cannot update you on what’s not been going on I will give a few updates on what has:
  • We were visited by many family, church family, and friends during the latter part of last week and extending through the weekend. Always helps pass the time with people that care about you and people you care about.
  • I was able to complete two whole pages in the Disney Princess coloring book, though my green Prince Eric did not pass Jen’s inspection.
  • At last count Jen had read 12 books in these three weeks and was on 13 when I left this morning. Read count will probably be 13 and well on its way to 14 by the time I get back.
  • Every nurse and doctor comments on the numerous cards, notes, pictures, and flowers that adorn Jens windowsill, cubbies, and cabinets. One even said coming into her room was the highlight of her day. Thanks to all that have sent things. Your caring thoughts are appreciated and won’t be forgotten.
Today marks week 26. Two more and we are breathing a little easier but the more the merrier when it comes to days in the cooker. When we were admitted at week 23 we thought no way we’d see 24 or 25 let alone 26…now we cannot wait to mark 27+ off the calendar. God is marvelous and has a plan. Its been interesting watching that plan unfold. Thanks again to everyone who has prayed, is praying, and will continue to prayer. Your prayers, thoughts, and kindness are well received and highly appreciated.


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