When this is the biggest news of the day you know its a good day! Jen was able to take a "bed bath" today and got to wash her hair. Thats a small victory just feeling refreshed.

I was able to go back to work today and have to admit it was a nice change for me. We also got good news on meds as after her 72 hr of one meds end tonight at 6pm there are alternative meds she can be put on that do the same sort of thing, which is a praise.

All is good and things are calm. Another good day in the neighborhood. Thanks again for all the continued prayers.



  1. Hooray! I still want to come visit so let me know a day that Jen will be alone and I will try and come keep her company!

  2. Hey Jace and Jen. Glad to hear more good news. I'm sure the days are long, but they will be worth it in a few more weeks. Hang in there Jen. Our prayers are with you daily.