View From the 11th Floor

Since no real updates are streaming in I will be sharing randomness from here. This is the view from Jens room. It over looks a park. Enjoy!

Oh and someone wanted to say Hi! Figured after almost four weeks of exile you might be forgetting what she looks like. Here she is, in her bed. She has become a nurse favorite around here because of her good attitude and friendly face. We are getting settled.
Hope you enjoyed the pics. Also, only update from this week besides new weights...is well...a new wait! Doc says no reason why she cant stay right like this until week 32. That means 32 is finally the new 28! Everyone have a blessed day!


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  1. Great to see your smiling face!! Praising God he is continuing to allow those babies to grow inside you. We can see you are continuing to take care of yourself and babies. Take care!