News, or lack there of, From Carle

So it’s been like three days since I have posted last. Reasoning? Nothing blog worthy has taken pace to be honest and as we all know, that is a GREAT thing.

So let’s see, weekend review…Sunday morning I snuck out of the hospital and headed south, first stopping at my parentals house and then on to church. After church the Mulveys twisted my arm so I had no choice but to enjoy Mexican cuisine and good conversation. It was tough for sure. Between loads of laundry I was able to go shoot some family pictures of the Shulls (Thanks Susan and Alissa for letting me capture your family).

Enough about me, this blog is about Jen. Sunday she was visited by her parents and its always a joy for her to see them. Visiting also was her cousin Heather and her friend Mo. She really enjoyed their company. Neither Sunday nor Monday was a contraction to be had. Doc was happy with the progression of the no progression. Everything looks great with both momma and babies.

Two notes of news from Monday. First, it marked 25 weeks gestation! Wooooo Hooooo! Second, and the lighlight of her week indeed, was the fact that the nurse and tech went above and beyond and borrowed a gadget from another floor in the hospital that would allow them to wash her hair while in bed. I don’t know how it worked. All I know is they used real shampoo, real water, and worked her head over good. She said afterwards that the tech was her new best friend, move over Tucker.

Thanks again for everyone to stopped me at church and asked how Jen was doing. I appreciate your genuine concern. Thanks for everyone that has sent things. Your general generosity has been overwhelming at times but exactly what we needed when we needed it. God is good. We have settled in nicely at Carle and you all are a big part of making it comfy for us. Please keep the prayers coming, as we know without a doubt they continue to work.


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